"O my Lord, what a beauteous dream."
September 20th
Kilimanjaro on Flickr.

Kilimanjaro on Flickr.

August 5th
July 7th



Often referred to as the “Underground Grand Canyon,” the Eastern European cave system features one of the largest subterranean chambers in the world. The largest room in the limestone cave network, known as “Martel’s Chamber,” is a gaping canyon which was formed by the underground flow of the Reka river, which still rushes along the bottom of the chasm. Thanks to the amount of water that flows through the canyon, the caves also hold a number of eye-catching geological features such as limestone pools and giant stalagmite formations. The cave’s unique spaciousness also hosts a number of species of bat, countless unique bio-organisms, and even a variety of fish that has never seen the light of day. A bridge has also been built, spanning the chasm so that visitors can experience the colossal geologic divide.

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July 3rd



Combining old-world charm with medieval mystique, this bridge isn’t afraid to celebrate its Gothic construction nor the mythical side of the area’s history. Festooned with ornamental dragon statues among the already ornate embellishments, this delightful monument is a favorite with visitors who love to see through it the playful (or frightening?) side of the city.

Learn more about what a such a bridge means for the city at Atlas Obscura

June 23rd



Hidden Beach - Mexico

A gaping hole in the surface of the lush green island exposes a secret beach, with ample shade, sun and crystal-clear water. The Marieta Islands are an archipelago, a chain of islands that exist as a result of volcanic eruption. The islands themselves are natural wonders, but it was something else that caused the burrowed beach to be shown the light.

The Hidden Beach is invisible from the outside, and is only accessible through a long water tunnel that links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. There is approximately six feet of space above water level, so visitors can arrive at the beach by swimming or kayaking. The islands are still uninhabited, but are frequently visited by tourists who come to enjoy the diverse marine wildlife and the unique tropical eden of Playa Del Amor.

For even more on Mexico’s Hidden Beach, keep reading on Atlas Obscura!

June 18th

First butterfly garden to open in Dubai

Covering 4,000 square metres, the round-shaped butterfly garden will consist of nine custom-built domes and a butterfly museum. Each dome will be in a different colour, and will be home to 24 types of butterflies from several tropical countries

Whoa so it’s going to be the world’s largest covered butterfly garden and it’s located in the Dubai Miracle Garden which is now the world’s largest flower park (which was the Keukenhoff before according to Wikipedia).


June 15th

Ogaswara - Japan (von LuxTonnerre)


Ogaswara - Japan (von LuxTonnerre)

March 27th


Capturing the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

To view more photos and videos of cherry blossoms and hanami parties throughout Japan, browse the #, #花見 and #お花見 hashtags on Instagram.

In Japan, sakura (桜), or cherry blossoms, stand as the symbolic flower of spring and start appearing all over the country as the seasons change. During this season, rows of cherry trees with their pastel-pink crowns transform the country and shower the streets in falling petals. People go out to gardens, streets and parks for hanami (花見), or flower viewing, to appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the mild weather after the long, cold winter. Often, hanami involves picnicking in the best sakura locations and enjoying food and drinks with friends under cherry trees. The blooming of sakura begins from the south around late March and spreads northward through the beginning of May.

Want to see more photos and videos from some of the most famous sakura locations in Japan? Explore the location pages below:

January 28th

The "World's First" Thigh-High Sock Store Opening in Tokyo




This place just landed a spot on my list of stores I must go to

Going here on opening day. Gonna get me some socks.

The only store that matters.

January 23rd

North Korea Tourist Map - Google Maps

Very nice, has a lot of places outside Pyongyang too.

January 21st

Vignette Tours

If anyone is interested this place offers abandoned Buffalo tours! They have some weekend trips and longer ones this spring.

October 27th

Peru Of The Incas In Three Days via PAN AMERICAN.


Peru Of The Incas In Three Days via PAN AMERICAN.

October 12th

Ossuaries & Charnels | Empire de la Mort

I found this nice list of sites in Europe. I really want to go to the ossuary chapel in Milan.